Lois Kipnis



Without a Script: A Caregiver's Journey

Without a Doubt - A Great Read

A beautifully written glimpse into the difficult stage of life with an elderly parent. The author poignantly and creatively shares the range of emotions that she experiences as a caregiver in a way that will resonate with readers. The reversal of the parent-child roles is a difficult process, and Without a Script: A Caregiver's Journey explores both sides. A pleasure to read.   - Shanna Silva

A Round of Applause!

Funny, heartwarming and poignant. Without a Script will make you laugh, cry, and nod your head knowingly. A must read for anyone who is, will be or has been a caregiver.  - JayRay

Laugh and Cry and Feel  Better

Although my own story involves my mother with Alzheimer's, rather than physical problems, this book rang so true in my emotions.

I think any child caregiver of a parent will see themselves in this book and you suddenly realize you're not alone in your days, even though you may feel isolated. There's so much humor in the book that also lifts the spirit. I highly recommend this to anyone caring

for a parent or living with a caregiver.  - DCR

It’s truly like no other book about caregiving that I’ve ever read, brilliantly done and totally unique. Without a Script is anything but a “How To” book about caregiving. If anything, it’s a “How did I get here?” – “How am I supposed to handle this?” – “How does this work?” – book. Kipnis’s narrative adroitly combines spare prose with verse, dialogue, and even her dreams to give the reader an experience that echoes the ordeals, the confusions and ultimately, the acceptance of her role as caregiver for her aging mother. The result is alternately funny, heartbreaking, provocative and even a little shocking as she admits to having thoughts that are less than admirable. 
Curtis E. Rosser

The author digs deep
Without a Script is a book a lot of readers will be able to relate to. The role of becoming caregiver for an aging and possibly sick parent is one many will have to face. If most can face it with the insight and humor of the author, they will be lucky. 

The author digs deep and is honest about a lot of the unpleasant aspects of the situation, as well as her reactions and feelings. Readers will feel the frustration, anger, and exhaustion along with the author. And when she relates the story of the poem given to her by a friend in a writing workshop, written from the point of view of a person with dementia, readers feel her sorrow and compassion.
Judge, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

​​Well written and to the point

This book was written with insight and humor. It is a must read for anyone going through the experience of a relative in a nursing home. Ms. Kipnis writes with clarity and expresses herself beautifully. It was an easy read and very poignant. babs in ct.

Give this to a friend who is on this path. It will be a treasured gift.
Most of us will travel this path (if we haven't already done so). Ms. Kipnis gives us the facts in a compassionate manner. Thanks to her for all of us. 

A must-read for caregivers
In this cleverly written book, Lois Kipnis takes us on a difficult journey: how she became a caregiver for her mother. Page by page, she shares her thoughts and feelings with honesty and humor. This book is a must-read for anyone faced with taking care of an aging parent.
Carolyn Nemec

With an ear for the music of language
It's a sequential series of vignettes in a short but moving compilation, describing her roller coaster of emotions as caregiver for a mom in her 90's. Kipnis had to make decisions and painful choices on behalf of her beloved, but physically, and gradually mentally, failing mother, but felt unprepared for the task.  With an ear for the music of language, Kipnis shares what it feels like to be a compassionate but stressed daughter-in-charge, working without a script in such complicated circumstances. She realizes that her Mother's plight might indeed be her own, someday. Her message resonates with all who care for ill or frail relatives...and those who might be on the receiving end of such care. Jane Giddan

A worthy read for anyone dealing with caretaking
I really enjoyed Lois's description of her emotional roller coaster in dealing with her mother’s progressive debilitation. Her sadness and frustration were addressed through expressions of anger and the reliance on humor as a coping mechanism. This easy to read personal reflection would be a worthy read for anyone dealing with caretaking of loved ones of any age, especially for those having to deal with the progressive deterioration of aging parent. Mark Perlman, Ph. D., Licensed Psychologist 

An important book for anyone dealing with an older parent. Intimate and heartfelt stories that describe the issues confronting adult children when the aging process begins to take its toll. Ms. Kipnis treats the subject with compassion and humor and describes moments that will be familiar to anyone who is presently or has in the past found him/herself dealing with this issue. Sharon Fermon